nsp-servicesSince 1997, National Sign Plazas has developed wayfinding systems for more than 60 cities and counties throughout the nation. Developing a successful wayfinding system requires interconnectivity between image branding, elegant design, strategic planning, expert construction, and ongoing assessments. Placing priority in one category often creates
waste and inefficiencies resulting in lost time, energy, and money.

Our years of experience reinforce our mission to provide branding, design, planning, and construction services as a single point of contact while delivering a finished product that meets both your design and budgetary goals. Our highest aim is to create accountability throughout the entire project – not just at the conclusion.



nsp_brandingBranding is intended to help move your audience from one place, action, or thought to another. Branding initiatives aid the overall development of your wayfinding design and help to facilitate your civic brand. Transforming a highly visible area into a feature of your community enhances the quality of your visitor’s experience. The scope and development of any branded strategy must be scaled to meet your specific needs. From logo creation to printed materials to technology based wayfinding aids and beyond, National Sign Plazas can bring the strategy of your branding effort to life.



nsp_developThe successful design of your wayfinding system will communicate different information to different users and users depending on their specific needs. Like the users themselves, all of the information must share the same space. Anticipating how your user will engage with your City allows your wayfinding system to deliver the right information at the right time while avoiding redundancy or confusion. Together with our team, your design will determine exactly how to communicate appropriately with each visitor.



nsp_creatingYour planning strategy requires the wayfinding system to serve the needs of the community. The correct and strategic placement of wayfinding signs will orient visitors within your City and bring value to their experience. If we are directing a user to make a specific action (turn left, park, etc.), then we must consider what they will need and encounter after that action occurs. Every location within the wayfinding system needs to serve a purpose and have a connection to the surrounding signage and area. We begin each project by developing an effective plan that will adhere to your goals for community development and guide users with a specific purpose in mind.



nsp_buildingNo comprehensive design matters until it is built. Realization of the design and the assembly of the finished components within the real world are vital to developing a successful wayfinding system. Solid fabrication with accurate welding, the use of high-grade materials, and the incorporation of the latest techniques allow the features of your system to endure. Our design team is skilled at creating unique, efficient, and functional designs that are considerate of the costs for assembly and installation without sacrificing quality.



nsp_ongoingYour wayfinding program is just one of many critical actions for success within the development of your City’s open spaces. Once it is completed, it will take ongoing assessments to ensure that your system remains a viable part of your City’s future plans. The development of a successful wayfinding system requires planning for system upkeep, component replacement, and new additions. This can be as simple as budgeting for maintenance or it can as complex as planning for features that have yet to be invented. In either case, National Sign Plazas will help to ensure that your program remains viable for years to come.